Our History

Euphorish is a Web and Graphic design company founded in the summer of 2006 by experienced web designers, graphic artists, and web developers who decided to pursue their freelance careers and hope to bring information and education to the community.

Our Purpose


We are aiming to publish quality articles and tutorials that may help web designers and web developers as well as graphic artists. Please feel free to contact us with any ideas for improvement.

Our Site

(Author / Admin) Bill  Bailey Web Standards / Client side and Server Side coding

After 10 years of being Involved with the web in one way or the other It’s time to start Handing on some of the tips and tricks I’ve Picked up along the way. I will start Introducing Server Side and Client Side coding tutorial snippets as well As bringing in guest writers to Give us a view of how they see the web and how it works best for them So lets settle in get going.

E-mail: webmaster[at]euphorish.com

Need a Contributer

Want to contribute? We don’t pay much… well, we don’t pay at all… yet (this site hasn’t gotten to the point of funding itself), but if you are that passionate about it, drop us a line on the contact form and we’d be more than happy to consider it.