Download: Fusion WordPress theme.


Here is a really simple and minimal wordpress theme you may use and abuse. It is Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict / CSS. Some SEO in there, widget ready etc. etc. It works (as far as i’ve tested) on all current and last generation browsers (yes even Internet Explorer 6!). Also is fluid for resolutions. Feel free to modify it anyway you see fit. This theme is a good starting point to learn how to code for wordpress.

Download Fusion WP Theme

You can also view a Live Demo if you’d like.Enjoy… more to come probably.

Regards Euphorish

13 thoughts on “Download: Fusion WordPress theme.

  1. Arnold

    In the live demo, the title of the categories in the sidebar should be “Categories”, not “Catagories” ;)

    Don’t know if it’s the same in the zip file.

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  5. tim

    Can you tell me if it is possible to add modify this theme from 2-column to 3-columns? I see in the “widgets” page there are 3 sidebars available, but only sidebar 1 seems to be working. Is there an option someplace to use sidebar 2 or 3?

  6. admin Post author

    So Sorry Every one I have turned back on the word press demo Have recently taken over the management of the site and The database has been upgraded unfortunately to the detriment of My pass word so we are back in action

  7. admin Post author

    Tim: I will look into this not sure at the moment will have to get into the back end, I’m snowed under at the moment so give me some time and Ill see

    Tadeusz Database connection Fixed so sorry

    Gunni You are far to impatient Im sure you Deleted your self!!!!

    Shawn HonnickIm not sure what s up But it seem to work For me

    Bill007 Out For now

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