Google has got problems



The web is huge

the web consumes 4% of North American Power

Google has got problems

What are Google s Problems, well lets look into but first we need to change the way we think, so lets scale up the way we think because the average internet user has no idea what belies the Google search page, after all its just a browser and a search result right !

The Facts


Google use alot of computors 200,000.00 to 400,000.00 and increasing daily some suggest even up to 600,000.00 to 800,000.00 ?

A Google Data center

Google Data Center there are 36 worlwide

Google Data Center there are 36 world wide

600 million dollars each the size of three football fields under cover with a Four story cooling tower.

No two data centers are alike each Data center has 10 – 12 clusters at 2000 machines per cluster giving a total of 20,000.00

American data centers consume more power then American televisions, over 4 years  the cost of a computers power is half the cost of the hardware.

 Google Data Centers

Google Data Centers

Googles power usage  is close to 50MW  or  $5000 per Hour (Not very Green)
Google has to build its own custom designed mother Boards as-well-as power supplies. ( * Note: Google’s custom built power supplies are 90% efficient where commercial units are 70%)


In the first year for a new Data center there will be at least 1000 Machine failures, Thousands of Disk drive failures, One power unit will will fail taking out between 500 – 1000 machines for 6 hours, there is also a 50% chance a cluster will fail taking 1 – 2 days to recover a minimum of 20 racks  will fail!

Google quote : “Our view is its better to have twice as much hardware thats not as reliable than half as much thats more reliable”

Custom software is how Google handle failure

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