Google Slap Hurts Affiliates


I was Reading A great article the Other Day about the Great Google Slap LATE 2009

Quote  [ Like many affiliates in the past few weeks, I got the Google slap on a few of my top running PPC campaigns which felt like getting my faced kicked repeatedly from Chuck Norris wearing a football cleat. Being a bit upset over losing a big part of my income I had to step back and look at things differently than I have lately  ]

I would call mine Depression.

Still NOT over it I lost a $300 to 500 $ a day campaign (its still not back for me) Google have filtered my whole site in fact I had 2 sites that Just Dropped off the world,10 articles per site, Privacy disclosure, contact, Incoming Blog posts out going links to top site s in the niche, SEO Bomb proof still get Q S 1?

I have lost 2 accounts with Google and I don’t want to lose another.

I could Go On I have lots to say and Have learn t heaps In short this is the main Problem Its not the content although Google expect to see certain things, its where your site is pointing to (think about it if 1000 affiliates are pointing to the same weight loss Sales Page) Google Basically Is saying that its spamming their network and in the Long run they are right.

So you need to Take a name and email and work them from a list or go article marketing which can stack up $$$ for you and it takes time, There are no easy solutions at the Moment.

I think I have a slap proof site Now but its harder to get the sales as you have to be 1-2 Page’s further from the sales page.

My split testing says that the Hop Rate (amount of people that actually make it thru to the sales page on the vendor site ) drops from 50% down to 25% and so do you sales which is the difference between profit and loss.

Don’t Give in Its gotten easier in terms of competition as there is less its a matter of finding a way back in I am running a campaign on Google at the moment and getting 300 + ad clicks a day at and average cost of 6 US cents a click.

So there is traffic on the Google network for your site Just make sure you have a testing account or two Google also don’t seem to track credit cards So don’t be paranoid about setting multiple accounts up off the the one credit Card.

Oh by the Way Google has the Best Buying traffic End of story

So Don’t Give Up

Regards Bill Bailey

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