National Wins 2008 Election


National are Election Night winners, the people of New Zealand have spoken  voting in Nationals favor with A clear majority concluding with a 11 seat gain, This has been a landslide victory with the public sentiment being that it was time for a change

Miss Clark called Mr Key at 11pm to concede defeat.


Election Night Stats

  • Results for National 59 seats and ACT 5. United Future leader Peter Dunne adds 1 seat, making a total of 65.
  • Labour has 43 seats, the Greens 8, and they are joined by Progressive Party leader Jim Anderton for a total of 52.
  • The Maori Party has 5 of the 7 Maori seats but does not hold the balance of power in Parliament.

It is expected that the Maori party will swing towards National with a vote of confidence  some time today


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