Whats your Vote National or Labour

Time for a change New Zealand needs a New Direction?

I saw a great Headline the other Day it went Like this

500 Billion Dollars and 3000 days what could you do with that!

Tight fisted Social Bully


Well I know I wouldn’t be 14 billion in debt!

Labour has failed to deliver on many of its election Promises

Cheaper Housing, Better Health, Better Education, Honesty, More Employment Tougher Sentencing, The Criminal Proceeds Bill, which was promised before the 2005 election. The Corrections Amendment Bill, which was introduced in June 2007 by their fifth Corrections Minister. The Legal Services Amendment Bill, which Justice Minister Annette King said would be introduced in May and passed soon after, but which is still to have its first reading. Electronic bail legislation, which Helen Clark announced in June, but which has yet to appear before Parliament. The amendment to the Domestic Violence Act, which Annette King said would be introduced in July but which also has not appeared.

A fair review of M M P which is still to happen but why would that Happen before their last election they need all the support of all the hangers  on even if they don’t hold a seat in parliament

In the famous qoute from Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli ” THERE’S LIES, DAMN LIES AND STATISTICS”

a quick lesson on how to temporarily reduce the work Unemployment situation, Create a social welfare programme and call it a course or even create a Wānanga

Labour is Addicted to Power No matter what the cost!


This Photo says it all

Addicted To power

The evil tax collector Addicted To power

our very own new Age robin Hood Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, Government Workers paid 20% more then the private sector a massive investment into State Owned Assets and an exploding Government  workforce, Labour  is hell bent on building Liability when now is the time to build physical Infrastructure or repair the ones that are there! this will be the Last time Oil will be this cheap!.


Some Interesting Facts 2007  Stats  Via  CIA World Fact Book

World Rank Order – Current account balance

174   New Zealand     $ -10,380,000,000

World Rank Order – GDP – real growth rate

169   New Zealand        3%             2007

World Rank Order – GDP – per capita (PPP)

46   New Zealand      $ 27,200      2007

World Rank Order – Unemployment rate

42   New Zealand         3.60%        2007

World Rank Order – Public debt

96   New Zealand        20.70%       2007

Not that Pretty a Picture

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