White House Undercover


September 2008 will will always be remembered as the Modern worlds largest economic event America sneezed and the rest of the world got a cold

Its become very intense with 3 of the the western worlds biggest financial organizations on the verge of Collapse, One might refer to this a one Hundred year storm

Lehman Brothers founded in 1850, is one of the few currently important companies that is older than McCain, just filed for Bankruptcy, and Merrill Lynch, another American icon was forced to be acquired by Bank of America to avoid a certain global economic collapse.


What is the White House hiding? I mean, is Jeff Gannon visiting? Or is it the PM of China?

This is ridiculous something this wide spread and White house are under cloak and Dagger

this Countries leaders is starting to Shape up more Like Russia s everyday  it now looks like the Bush administration is starting to prepare their exit plan and boy they are stripping the cupboards bear

What a bunch of cowards these people are certainly not leading from the front In one sense I feel for the real American here but in the same breath they voted these clowns into power

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