Winston Peters Is Going Going Gone

Yeah Right Labour Addicted to power no matter what the cost

Addicted to power no matter what!

Its Like a nightmare that wont go away for Winston Peters now, In a damning report released late last night, the privileges committee found by a majority that Peters had knowingly provided false or misleading information on a return of pecuniary interests.

The committee has recommended that Parliament today formally censure Peters for providing the false return.

And the committee has recommended that Peters be ordered to file, within seven days, amended returns for the past three years that include every gift, debt, or payment he has not already disclosed.

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Brian Henry changes story

The master of ducking and weaving

The master of ducking and weaving

Winston Peters’ lawyer has changed his story to Parliament’s Privileges Committee.

Brian Henry concedes Mr Peters was the client he referred to in an email to Owen Glenn, something he had previously denied.

Mr Henry remains positive however he solicited the $100,000 donation. He says he thought of doing so in a phone call with Mr Peters after he told him he had talked with Mr Glenn.

“That jogged my memory and then sent an email to try and jog Mr Glenn’s memory in the hope we’d get a donation.”

When asked if it was pure coincidence, Mr Henry replied “that’s just what happened”. Mr Henry says Mr Peters never mentioned money in the phone call. Story Here

Here is Report of the Privileges Committee

But no doubt Wnston will come out fighting as he always does Just do us all a favor Winston get your self a new Career based on this last Smoke screen Im sure you have got your reserves all lined up
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